Design & Build

We are a system integrator and service provider in automation industry in Iran. The core of our services are industrial robot programming, Factory Automation, Mechanical Design and manufacturing, Machine Overhauling. We will welcome cooperation with International Companies in the field of Industrial automation, Industrial Robots such as ABB, KUKA & etc and engineering services in Iran & other countries.  




Our standards are high. So high in fact, we're in a league of our own, moving our entire industry forward. Our engineers are able to work with Robotic Giants like ABB, KUKA, Staubli in the Field of Welding, Palletizing, Material Handling, Painting and etc.


 We strive to provide the best services in the field of Automation. We employ the best Automation products in the Market based on the request of our customer such As Siemens PLCs, SEW Drives and motors, SICK sensors & etc to provide the best solution.

Our Engineers are able to design and build the requested mechanical parts and machines. There is an equiped workshop with essensial machines for milling, drilling, welding, CNC, plastic injecting and etc.