Caspian Ltd is an start-up company which was founded in the early 2016 in Iran.  As an start up company you will face lots of challenges, however if you be determined you can overcome the difficulties. Despite the economical pressures and trade sanctions over Iran we could cooperate with international companies in the field of Factory Automation and robotic solutions in food and beverage, petro lube , car manufacturing and other divisions. We also could launch our first smart home security device hoping for future development and progress in this field. We will strive to become a key player in Industrial & home automation  field in the market in future. Fingers crossed!  


Caspian sea


We support green peace community. we believe that there is only one planet inhabitable for the human beings at the moment and we need to take care of that for the current and future generation of human beings, therefor we need to do our best to save this planet. Automation can be a part of this solution. 

Caspian History: