This device allows the user to apply his creativity to connect home and workshop appliances such as washing machines, lights, HVAC systems and etc to the automation device and control them through his mobile phone from any where. The device is equipped with temperature sensor to monitor the temperature and humidity, A gas detector sensor to detect CO/CO2 gas in the room and A motion detector sensor for security purpose of the home or workshop. The application of device is not limited to the defined appliances and user can apply his creativity to control any electrical device remotely through his mobile phone from any where.  For instance its possible to control any pet feeder device with your mobile phone or to control the irrigation system of your garden and etc.  All data collected by sensors is accessible on mobile phone software based on request of the user. 

application examples:

RX1 is a Home automation device designed to monitor and control home appliances through mobile phone. Its a unique package of necessary sensors mounted on top of the main hub to monitor a small apartment or workshop. Caspian group will welcome investors to invest on this project. 

Caspians group Engineers are able to work on building management systems supporting KNX communication protocol. We Have experience working with different brands and we are able to do the electrical installation and electrical enclosure set up from top to bottom. please contact us for more info!  

Control of irrigation system through mobile phone which can save water consumption

Control of HVAC devices through mobile phone which can save energy

Getting notification of burglar through mobile phone

Getting notification of CO gas in room through mobile phone


Smart Home Device RX1